Mass Effect 3 Wallpaper

Shepard and her omni-tool on your desktop



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The Mass Effect saga arrives at its finale. With this third game all of the loose ends from the previous releases are tied up, and the epic adventure that began almost five years ago ends. Fortunately, you will be there to see it through the eyes of Shepard, the protagonist of this wallpaper.

In the image, illustrated by a Mass Effect fan that later started working for Bioware, you see the female version of Shepard with her omni-tool in the form of a weapon prepared to attack whoever comes near.

The desktop background has dimensions of 1920x1200 and, in addition to the impressive illustration, shows the game's logo in the upper right corner.

If you want to get right into Mass Effect 3 and you can't wait any longer, take a look at this and all of the wallpapers that are available on the Bioware's official site. It may not satisfy your craving, but it will make you happy for a while.
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